Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Emotional Constipation

 As with the physical type, emotional constipation is about the difficulties associated with letting go and dealing with the past. Many people block and bury their feelings trying to forget difficult things Men are not known for being open with their feelings either because they don't see the relevance and have been brought up this way or they are so deeply buried they cannot easily be accessed. Some women do this too because life has been just too difficult and painful.  

This behaviour has probable consequences which may include:

Ill health

Blocks in relating to others

Blocks to getting self worked out

Insecurities & highly defensive behaviour

Poor self image & other emotional and psychological problems

The inevitable result of this this is that life will get harder and not easier until these issues have been worked through.

Some people are aware of what they have done and therefore may be ready for the next part of the therapeutic process. Others may not remember or know that these these things exist and have been buried and it is that which is causing them problems. They are at the beginning of this process. Wherever you may be on your journey it will require skilled Counselling in order to help you achieve your expectations.

If you are raising children help them not to get stuck with their old issues or yours.

Clients often say to me that they feel lost and that something is missing. Often, at least in part, that piece missing is the part of themselves that has been buried and they have lost themselves in the process.


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