Sunday, 15 January 2012

Manage the Disconnect

The grief experienced by people when they become disconnected is understandably profound.
Disconnected from what; others and themselves and the sense of being lost is difficult to manage. One of the most common situations is the loss of someone close when they die. Other situations might be through the death of a relationship or the subsequent separation or the loss of their identity through adoption.

Many Clients tell me that they have lost themselves in their relationship and no longer know who they are. This may cause feelings of confusion, guilt, inadequacy, anger, grief and low self esteem.

It takes a lot of work by some people to get to a point of acceptance of themselves and their situation and this where personal and professional support is so important. 

Talking things over with friends can be invaluable in these situations as can support groups. 

The questions we might ask are around our life priorities. This isn't about financial/material goals but more about how we value ourselves. After losing an important person in our lives it is easy to value ourselves less, do less for ourselves and try to bury ourselves in others.

Without seeing ourselves as the most important person in our world, others will suffer the conseqences.

In order to manage the disconnect the 1st port of call is gaining a sense of self and start on the road to self empowerment.

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