Monday, 19 March 2012

Gone missing in your own life?

Many of us may have grown up holding the message that if we do things for ourselves we were being selfish. Maybe we misheard, or not, as the case may be. How ever that message came into our consciousness it is misplaced. Doing things solely for ourselves maybe seen as selfish.

 Self care is essential if we are to be healthy individuals and a healthy well adjusted society. Giving to others becomes an impossible task once our personal resources are used up. Relationships become a barren desert and unbalanced underachieving in our goals for happiness and stability.

The lack of time needed for self care is often given as a reason not to do anything for the self. It is amazing how the same people are able to find time for others who appear to have a higher priority in their lives.

Some people have an overwhelming need to please others. There are many reasons for this motivation often being a result of a type of parenting. Many of those others are takers which some might assume makes a balance. This not the case as balance might only be achieved if there was an equality of giving and taking by both parties.

So, where are we in our lives, our relationships, our families? Where and how do our needs get met in these circumstances. Unsurprisingly many people feel lost and alone in these circumstances.Their lives are lived through others. Others are in control and often also dictate how people should think and feel.  "If she's happy, I'm happy" or, "Whenever he is down in the dumps, I feel that as well, I can't help it." 

What do we mean then about self care. It is doing something for ourselves and only for ourselves on a daily basis. Some people go for a walk or a swim or read or meditate or watch a movie or listen to music all without disturbance from others. In a family this time would need to be clearly set out so that you are not disturbed.

Some people feel guilty and have the voice of their parent telling them that they are being selfish. This where a Counsellor would be able to help you to achieve your right to self care.

Giving Your Life Direction

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